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Ristorante 'O Canonico 1898



A cuisine that preserves the flavours and scents of Mediterranean gastronomy, with recipes that refer to the past, reinterpreted with passion and creativity.

The Tasso square in Sorrento is the cornerstone of the sought-after dining experience of 'O Canonico 1898 Restaurant: meeting high quality raw materials, wisdom of our cuisine and Italian style hospitality.



We have a great passion for wine. It has led us to create a rich list like only a few others in Italy have, with about 2300 labels we personally selected over the years.

Restaurant 'O Canonico 1898 of Sorrento is a tasting experience. The careful selection of Italian wines is a continuous evolution that allows us to offer the most sought after and rare wines.



We pay close attention to the pastry making: the pastry masters of the 'O Canonico 1898' restaurant offer an assortment of sweets that varies from week to week and represents the tasty, sought-after and eager way to finish a class meal.

O 'Canonico turns 120


We take great care in choosing the raw materials.
We follow the seasons.
We privilege local productions that focus on quality,
thus extolling the principals
of the territory

The Friday of ‘O Canonico 1898

The Fridays of the Restaurant 'O Canonico 1898, are now a cult appointment of the Sorrento Panorama