They have become the must of the Sorrento coast, the classic rosoli liquors, lemon liquors, orange, mandarin.

Guglielmo Terminiello has created more than a hundred, dividing them into three sections: citrus, herbs, fresh and woodland fruits. He cures them one by one. He personally collects officinal herbs from the hills around Sorrento. He measures, sips, corrects the aroma where necessary, until it obtains the taste that he had prefixed.

Ending a lunch with the rosolis of 'O Canonico 1898' restaurant, served strictly at room temperature, as our grandmothers loved to, is the best way to complete the meal.

Apricots, peaches, arbutus berries, or forest fruits, fennel, mint: an infinity of proposals, among which is the rosolis prepared to celebrate the centenary: the Basimilla®. This liqueur is a delicate herbal mix where basil and chamomile stand out. On the first sip you taste the chamomile and the basil kicks in as an aftertaste.

 Fresh produce, high quality alcohol, perfect rosolis without colouring or other artificial substances, a continuous work that takes place with the succession of seasons that makes us taste the scents of the moment.

 A tradition that continues in Campania from the time of the "monsù", the French chefs, who the noble Neapolitan families were bringing from abroad.  Luigi XIV's liquorists had created a liqueur for the king to distract  him from melancholy, the rosolio.

Lucky for the King and for us.

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