Restaurant in Sorrento - Tasso Square 

The restaurant of Sorrento 'O Canonico 1898, located in the central Piazza Tasso, welcomes its customers in a sober and elegant environment. It offers a cuisine designed to enhance the products of the area without losing sight of the innovations, keeping faith in its history .

Unique Restaurant in Piazza Tasso, it is member of the association: Historical Places of Italy! The restaurant boasts a long history over a century that has brought what was a small wine-cellar to become one of Sorrento's most beloved and renowned venues.

'O Canonico 1898, restaurant in Sorrento, is the expression of the work of the Terminiello family.

Daily search of fresh ingredients in the area; Professionalism, dedication and passion do the rest.

  Our Restaurant proposes daily new dishes, which are alongside the à la carte menu, according to market and season. The pastry is absolutely to be tried: ever-evolving sweets, a succession of tradition and first-fruits ... our flagship flower.

Guglielmo Terminiello, the founder, proposes his vast range of homemade rosé and liquorice, about 100 types, where fantasy surpasses reality. The Basimilla® (liquor of the centenary), the arance (orange liquor), the nocillo (walnut liquor), the carob, the five citrus fruits (with 3 versions) are just some of the liqueurs with which you can end the meal.

The cellar of the restaurant 'O Canonico 1898 is another plus of which we are particularly proud of; With its over 2200 labels that lead us to the discovery of the best Campanian and national wines